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Licensed Professional Counselor & PLAY THERAPIST

Teri Mills-Manuel



Creating a safe space for adults, teens, and children to work through the therapeutic process.

Teri Mills-Manuel is an experienced therapist who works with adults, teens and children who are going through tough situations. Sometimes it is hard to get objectivity about rough things going on in our lives. It helps to bounce thoughts and feelings off of a qualified therapist who can help you navigate life in order to have a more healthy and enjoyable one.

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Areas of Practice

Play Therapy For Children

Play therapy for children is a unique technique that understands children do not always have the language skills or social skills to express their emotions or deal with difficult situations. Play therapy builds on the normal communication style and learning process of a child so that he or she can begin the healing process.

Family Therapy

Being a part of a family unit is not always easy.  There are times when a family may need a third party counselor to come in and mediate discussions.  This can be helpful during times of conflict and confusion to bring peace and understanding back to the home.

Individual Therapy for Teens and adults

Individual counseling allows an adult or teenager to work through challenging feelings, thoughts or situations in a safe, caring and confidential environment.



What a great privilege to be allowed to partner with another person in the pursuit of healthy relationships.
— Teri Mills-Manuel


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